Brothel City – Updated -Version 1.6

Darot Games - Brothel City (14 July, 2017 Update)

Brothel City : It is a strategy erotic game where you build your own small “entertainment complex”. You start as an owner of a small tavern on the high road between two big cities. Classic fantasy world. Knights, blacksmiths, amazons, priests, robbers, mermaids etc. Tired travelers are glad to meet a place to satisfy their needs. For a peasant it will be enough just to eat something. For a knight – food, water and a good rest for him and his battle horse. And prince will want to eat delicious food, drink old wine, and sleep in the best apartments while musicians are playing soft music.

And yes, almost all of them want some girls. Different girls. Sometimes not even a human girls (oh, those fatigued elves and faeries lovers). Notice that ALL your workers are girls. Or, better to say “females” (yeah, there are some species like centaur mares in the stables and mermaids in the lake and so on). Satisfying all their needs, travelers will pay you in gold.

So later you will find out that you have not just a small tavern, but a town with hotel, stables, farm, lake and even a temple, where beautiful Angel of Charity lives and gives everything she can to those who want without taking a coin. Oh, dear, those come-at-able angel girls…

Enjoy the game Brothel City!

Update: 30 December, 2019
Genre: RTS, Brothel, Big Boobs, Naked, Wet Pussy, Futanari, Blonde, Brunette, Sexy Lingerie, Fantasy, Prostitution, Brothel, Dildo, POV, Male Protagonist, Cumshot, Public Sex, Voyeur, Slave, Sex Toys, Blowjob, Anal, Slut
Language: English
Size: 238 Mb
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Brothel City :

Version 1.6


* English improvements at the Campaign and through the game in general – around 2000 symbols done;
* Each decree in the game now has its own plot description that describes better what is going on after it is issued or why (around 15000 symbols);
* A new girl is added – Bunnygirl – 6 new illustrations and decrees.
She is hired in the Casino and works as a distracting factor for those who try to win your money in a very special way;
* A new girl is added – Librarian – 5 new illustrations and decrees.
She is hired in the Library and does her best to improve visitors’ experience visiting this place and more.
* Campaign is continued telling a story of how and where you gain your girls
And – meet three new Campaign characters, two of them are Elves


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