Swing and Miss – Version 0.51.2

Swing and Miss - Version 0.29.2

Swing & Miss is an adult visual novel, or eroge. It is a mostly linear story centered around themes such as swinging, netorare (or cuckolding), moral degeneration, and female domination. It will contain a lengthy story and our artist Iero’s beautiful artwork to illustrate the characters and (erotic) event scenes accompanied by the music of Funes.

The story centers around the protagonist (you) and your wife Fiona. The two of you have been married for over a decade and get along perfectly. You know you’re blessed to have a wife like Fiona, but you can’t help but wish you had a more active sex life with her…

Update: 23 May, 2019
Genre : Ren’py, 2DCG, Visual Novel, Male Protagonist, Sexy Girls, Seduction, Netorare, Masturbation, Big Boobs, Blowjob, Wet Pussy, Handjob, Hardcore sex, Outdor, Cumshot, Threesome, Crampie, Corruption, Voyeur, Public Sex, Sex Toys, Footjob, Blonde, Brunette
Language: English
Size: 991 Mb
rar arhive

Swing & Miss


2 new chapters
A splash screen and intro
Some minor fixes
1 new CG event scene with 16 variations
3 new sprite variations
2K more words

3 new chapters
2 rewritten chapters
A total of 19 new CG event variations
1 new overlay with a total of 4 new variations
25 new sprite variations
7K more words




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