Witch Trainer – Silver Mod – Updated – Version 1.39.2

Witch Trainer – Silver Mod - Updated - Version 1.25

Witch Trainer – Silver Mod: It’s essentially a modpack of a few different mods and some new content. It adds some new scenes, a map, scene changes, potions, custom outfits and evolving outfits. At the moment it is in a incomplete state with new content and bug fixes being added periodically.

Enjoy Witch Trainer – Silver Mod!

Update: 1 September, 2020
Genre: Renpy, Adventure, Animation, Oral Sex, Striptease, Big Boobs, Doggystyle, Cumshot, Harry Potter, Hermione, Witch, Blowjob, Facial, Public Sex, Sexy Lingerie, Uniform, Threesome, Parody, School, 2DCG, Hardcore Sex, Humiliation, Sexy Girls
Language: English
Size: 697 Mb – Pc Version
Size: 670 Mb – Mac Version
Size: 417 Mb – Android Version
Size: 49 Mb – Hermione ANIMATED CG Sex Patch
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Witch Trainer – Silver Mod:

1.39 – Changelog


Hermione can be asked to put her ****** in her ***** in one of the events.
After summoning Hermione unlocks, she will start changing clothes by herself through Outfit Scheduling. (Optional)
Added school robes. (4 variants)
Added reading and vintage glasses.
Added lipsticks.


Streamlined and improved Quidditch Event Chain to make it more approachable and less confusing to the player.
Outfit picking mini-game has been removed.
Training Events are more straightforward.
Added more hints regarding the current progression step.
Improved Quidditch Matches in general.
*NEW* The Slytherin Quidditch match and preparations is now available which includes a new CG scene, graphics and multiple characters involvement.
Personal Favours:
*NEW* “Suck it!” including animated CG scenes.
*NEW* “Strip for me!”
Public Requests:
*NEW* “Spy on the girls!”
*NEW* “Manipulate the girls!”
*NEW* “Spy on the boys!”
*NEW* “Manipulate the boys!”
Added ??? Outfit.
Added school robes. (3 variants)
Added lipsticks.
Temporarily disabled pig-tails hairstyle until it’s fixed.
Added splooge layers.


Tonks’ model has been reimagined and overhauled:
Improved body quality.
Added new facial expressions to improve narrative.
Realigned old clothes and improved their quality.
Added a new hairstyle.
Added a ruffled top.
Added Casual outfit.
Added Nightie Outfit.
Added School Outfit.
Added Bunny Outfit.
Added Silky Dress Outfit.
Added Bikini Outfits (4 variants).
Added body piercings:
3 types of earrings.
3 types of nipple piercings.
3 types of belly button piercings.
1 type of clit piercing.
Added lipsticks.
Added new hangout events.
Added clothing store for Tonks.
Added splooge layers.


Added lipsticks.


Added chit-chats.


Overhauled weather system and added new weather states.
Reimagined Quidditch Areas and added new effects.
Improved interpauses during dialogues.
Improved paperwork and its bonuses.
Added an in-game loading screen during save loading, which ensures all of the required game assets are loaded, to avoid stuttering and IO lags.
Added lore-friendly hints whenever you pick a favour that’s above your current progression step with a specific character, or when a character is no longer mad at you.
Added character emotes (angry, confused, happy, hearts, sweat).
Added a hotkey for the summon menu. (Default key is D)
Added tutorial for outfit scheduling.
Tonks will no longer be overheating during hangout events due to wearing a coat.
Rebalanced whoring/public points gains for the events.
Rebalanced mood changes.


Replaced .PNG files with much better and smaller .WEBP format, reducing the game size tremendously with no quality loss whatsoever.
Considerably reduced loading times on all platforms.
Optimized doll class image return methods, to rebuild parts of the doll only when a change occurred.
Optimized character screens.
Added QoL change for the in-game menus, allowing you to close them by clicking outside of the displayed in-game window.
Adjusted Tonks’ mood-based hair colours.
Adjusted default hufflepuff colour scheme.
Added a reward display window with personalised icon whenever you acquire someone’s panties.
Added semi-automated game patcher for PC and Mac:
Place the patch .ZIP file in the main game folder and launch the game to update your game automatically.
Added animated CG support w/ camera movement.
Added a function to render displayables to file.
Added dynamically-layered wardrobe items support. (Lipstick etc.)
Added placeholder functions and methods to increase development speeds.
Added em dash support for the dialogues.
Added transitions whenever a chibi enters the scene.
Added skin layers support for splooge layers.
Added Tonks’ chibis in public events.
Added automated build scripts w/ assets compression.
Added new outfit-based clothing store dialogues with Madam Mafkin.
Improved resolution of CG images in Hermione’s public favours.
Improved consistency of the choices in some events.
Improved wardrobe subcategories naming scheme and the layout.
Improved wardrobe icons.
Improved character’s head position behaviour during dialogues.
Improved dialogues sound encapsulation.
Improved image (fall)callback to work with non-standard methods.
Improved sound call labels.
Improved chibi pathfinding.
Improved image prediction in some instances.
Improved profiling functions and made them work with context changes.
Improved expression editor, reaching version 0.2.
Improved saybox behaviour in an upper game context.
Improved contrast on Outfit Scheduling icons.
Improved mail indicator.
Unified menu option styles across the game.
Updated credits.
Removed scale ratio variables.
Proofread the entire game.
Code refactoring and optimisations.
Disabled potion dialogues. (Potions do not exist just yet!)
Disabled collar events. (Same as above)

Bug Fixes:

Added a workaround for intel-based GPUs to use DirectX via Angle renderer instead of OpenGL, to avoid rendering errors. (Black screens)
This is caused by a faulty Intel’s OpenGL driver and cannot be fixed by us.

Fixed Hermione menacingly bobbing up and down for no apparent reason.
That one is on us, sorry.