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Exchange Student

The story is played in an alternate universe which is similar to ours. Here your male character who is a university student decides to join in an exchange student program, where two universities from different countries exchange students. These students will spend one semester in their new institution. All of the exchange students will live at a host family and the university decides who will go to which family. The story will focus on the main character’s life at the host family. Unfortunately his name is usually given to girls in this new country and because of this he was put to a host family where they were expecting a female student. And this is where his story will start.​

Exchange Student Exchange Student

Update: 14 November, 2020
Genre: Ren’py, Erotic Adventure, Male Protagonist, Sexy Girls, Simulator, Seduction, Small Tits, Big Dick, Voyeur, Handjob, Blowjob, Wet Pussy, Teasing, Sexy Lingerie, Teen, Milf, Dildo, Masturbation, Fingering, Orgasm, Cumshot, Facial
Language: English
Size: 1.01 Gb – Pc Version
Size: 171 Mb – Unofficial Android Version
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Exchange Student Exchange Student
Exchange Student Exchange Student

Exchange Student





I just finished testing and I fixed the bugs I find during that but there might be a chance that you will find a couple of bugs here and there. If you do please let me know and I will fix it! (If it says that there is missing image or similar you can just click on the ignore and continue the game.)
Tips for this version:
– Depending on how much you dring at Lily’s last event the story might change.
– At some point you will receive a message when you wander around the house that you “should” do something with someone in the evening. Just do what it say if you don’t want to wait too long.
– If you don’t know what to do next to progress the story just click on the question mark.
– And lastly if you use a really old save or you can’t progress no matter what just start a new and clear game and make new saves.