Peasant’s Quest – Version 2.01

Peasant’s Quest - Updated - Version 0.81

Peasant’s Quest : It’s an Adult RPG game set in a medieval fantasy world, where you play a farmer’s son on his quest to make a name for himself, and perhaps rescue a few damsels in distress along the way.

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Peasant’s Quest Peasant’s Quest

Update: 22 May, 2020
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Langauge: English
Size: 2.86 Gb – Pc Version
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Peasant’s Quest

Peasant’s Quest

Peasant’s Quest 

Version 2.01

Changes/new features:

– 4 New map sections
– 4 refurbished maps
– 3 New enemy critters (+ some variations of them)
– 1 new pet (spidergirl)
– 5 new quests
– 5 new scenes (4 spider girl and 1 batbreeder), each in both pregnant and non pregnant versions
– Added a pregnant version of an existing Bat Breeder scene
– 4 new animations. Again each in pregnant and non pregnant variations
– 2 new spells
– 2 new costumes
– an autosave system (turned off by default, must manually activate)
– New animation settings in main menu, allowing you to adjust timings according to your PC. This is to avoid screen freezing due to skipped loops.
– a familiar/pet/companion to help you on your adventures
– Bat Breeder will now have a gestation period of one week, at the end of which she’ll lay a large batch of eggs.

Bug Fixes:

– fixed bug where you could get stuck in tavern while searching for the blacksmiths dog
– fixed several bugs related to the Mayor’s vote quest.
– fixed broken dungeon contraption
– fixed bug where Liandra’s animation didn’t play after exiting Grumpkin cave.
– Some more fixes I didn’t write down and forgot:)

Peasant’s Quest
Peasant’s Quest


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