Mario is Missing – Updated – Version 3.48

Mario is Missing – Updated - Version 3.45

Mario takes Peach out on a train, while the two are away from the castle, airships invade Mushroom Kingdom and Kamek curses the inhabitants of the castle with a perverse pheromone.
Bowser kidnaps Mario. In order to rescue him Peach must exhaust Bower’s army with the only weapons available to her. πŸ˜€

Windows all
Updated: 17 November, 2018
Genre: Flash game, Adventure, Female Protagonist, Action, Ivan Aedler, Handjob, Bonde, Big Boobs,Titsjob, Blowjob, Monsters, Parody, Super Mario, Princess Preach, Cumshot, Furry, Facial, Anal, Hardcore Sex
Language: English
Size: 51 Mb
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(INFO) – PHEW! What happened? Just my job ‘killing’ my nerves and time. I do have a plan to leave my job and prioritize more projects, but I told myself I’ll only do this if I complete this game and starts Wonderful Sonja project! In the meantime, I was refreshing my mind with other games as well (just for curiosity, ‘Adventures of Tara’ – RPGmaker game), so I could get more ideas and restart my brain. Thank you again and again for all the support!
– NEW SCENE: Final scene (Bowser and the princess, then Mario and Shadow Queen) in Bowser Castle level by Blargh! It has three different moves: virgin, normal and nymph princess. But! ‘normal’ and ‘nymph’ scenes will be ‘akin’ (mostly, if not all, identical). Blargh will be doing adjustments in order to make the nymph scene more adequate.
– NEW SCENE: Luigi Gloryhole scene! For it to happen, you have to find Luigi in the bathroom of the club in 6-4 level. Just use the toilet in the middle IF you notice the right door is locked up. This happen 33% of the time you enter in the club.
– NEW OUTFIT: Bowsette (by Blargh!). For now, the powerup indeed exists in the game (in Bowser Castle level). If you’re playing with a character OTHER THAN PEACH, the powerup will give her the greeny outfit and it will change her to PEACHY character (she will be with Peach voices and you can even access her Achivement art!). If she is already Peach, she will just gain the outfit. As of her effects, she will be faster and no creature will fuck her by touching her (EXCEPT Koopalings, Bowser Jr included). Some creatures can still do lewd scenes with her (like Sockhops, BossBass and Chompette, provided Vore is ON). And if some interact with her (like Xnauts or Osama talking to you), she might be fucked still.
– NEW: ‘Press SPACE’ (or a configured next key) message in all scenes, so you will know when to press a key. Actually, this was an awaited feature, as people didn’t know when to press ‘next key’, like certain boss scenes, as there are certain movements the player was thinking it’s being repeated, but it’s actually ‘different’ movements, before cumming, for example.
– NEW: Just an animated masturbating Birdo in the title screen (she was too paralysed, while others are alive)
– Improved futa peach achievement art (if you activated ‘She is a Futa’), thanks Blargh
– Added three Bowser scenes to the gallery (mount, final virgin and final normal/whore). Before, there was only a mix of scene1 and scene2, along with Bowser JR. Texts updated. Remember those gallery text are still ‘stuck to english’. I may add a way to change those titles via XML.
– Added the remaining ‘stomp’ and ‘knockout’ animations for Bowser Jr.
– Rule Change: now, if the princess reenters in the club in 6-4 level before a minute, she will say she will wait for some seconds. That’s because now Wario can be in different places, and Luigi can appear there too (you dont need to reset the level to see new actions inside).
– Rule Change: now, if the princess is not nymph enough, she wont just suck dicks in those gloryholes along some levels or in her castle closet.
– BUG FIX: ‘Same Dialogues when Scene is repeated’ giving ‘Default Text’ messages. I am so sorry due to the amount of time to fix it. It was due to ‘ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable _msg is not defined’ in certain cases. Please remember that IT’S NOT CURRENTLY POSSIBLE to have NON RANDOM dialogues when a nymph because there is no alternative ‘fixed text’ for lewd/nymph princess. Generally, most creatures make the character say only innocent text. That’s why, once she is a nymph, her talk is random. In the future (perhaps after the main game is completed, that is, a final release), I can add the feature, so when selecting ‘Same dialogues when the scene is repeated’ will ALSO works for nymph status, provided whe current scene has a fixed non-random unicque talk inside it.
– BUG FIX: The ‘remove clothes’ dialogue wont appear anymore in certain cases the princess finishes a given scene (or cums) while not touching ground. TECH INFO: the code DOES check if she is touching a given ledge/ground before the fix, but the problem was that, for a GLIMPSE, the ‘check ground’ was still TRUE. Now I set it FALSE.
– Glitch Fix: when using the cheats, then restarting the game, the Achivements weren’t being locked.
– Glitch Fix: non reachable coin in Shyguy Village level.
– Glitch Fix: when ending a given scene, the princess was ‘falling a little’. Now she is positioned in the ground correctly.
– Glitch Fix: Futa Peach appearing in Achievements in Chomp, Morton, Iggy and Ludwig (even with FUTA off)
– Glitch Fix: When talking with ShyGuy guard in ShyGuy town, he was not saying what to do. After just saying ‘Ask how to be allowed to enter’, by pressing SPACE some times, the princess just started the scene.
– Glitch Fix: ‘weird nipples on her butt’ in first Shyguy Gourmet and Sockhop (green sack) scenes (TECH INFO: again, I needed to put the object in other than frame 1 due to Flash ‘first grab item code’ glitch, as the princess bodyparts are replaced and changed microsseconds later in frame 1).
– Glitch Fix: certain positioning of her arms agains her torso in scenes like Phanto scene 5, Monty Mole scene 5, ‘insert key in the metal door’, Boo scene 6, Toadsworth bed scene and Chomp Scene 6. I ask people for more glitches like the ones found in by Nyathon in post so I can track and fix them. But there are certain VERY SMALL glitches that couldnt be removed due to game limitation.
– Glitch Fix: when seeing Gallery scenes, if you press ‘MAIN GALLERY’ button with the mouse, then ‘MENU’ button, and then ‘X’ button, the princess was locked in place. The problem was the X button itself.
– Glitch Fix: the princess was still losing her bra (or part of her torso clothes), shredding it so her boobs were out in the open, when SHRED BRA IF was NONE in the options. TECH INFO: renewed function checkIfCanShredBra().


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