DISpurity – Version 0.3.7 – Fix1a

DISpurity - Updated - Version 0.0.40 Fixed

DISpurity : You are soul of a demon from the book of the dead (yes, exactly, the one you thought about). But you love not to tear your victims to pieces, but to seduce their minds so that they obey only you and their lust. Nevertheless, pretty soon it turns out that not everything is so simple and you have left a sinner in your past life, which is just so you will not be free and they will have to be solved ..

The gameplay is a typical visual novel, where you have to make a choice. From such elections, the day of the character you are controlling (persona one, but in new versions they can be chosen) is made. Most often, each choice will lead to different options with their unique scenes. Thus, each day can be done a little differently, which contributes to replayability.
The game itself is not linear. Raising skills of the daemon and the character you are controlling, you open new scenes that become available under certain conditions (which, more often than not, you will know in advance).
The main storyline is linear, but along the way you can see scenes that were not seen at the past.

Update: 2 June, 2019
Genre: Visual Novel, School, Animation, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Milf, Sister-Sister, Lesbians, Big Boobs, Big Dick, Handjob, Family Sex, Masturbation, Threesome, Lesbian, Groping, Voyeur, Corruption, Mind Control, Cumshot, Orgasm
Language: English/Russian
Size: 2.82 Gb
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DISpurity :

0.3.7 fix1a
fix the lack of text in new events

[30/05] fixed a button “woman’s with a tattoo”

Replace data/dlg.db

New events:

– continuation of the event for Julia (from the last update 0.3.3), where she is pursued by a suspicious guy standing at the exit
– the scene behind Quentin, where on Tuesday morning he will be able to enjoy big breasts and other nice things
– Now Jenn’s morning can start with self-satisfaction right on the couch
– the beginning of the scene when playing for Jenn in the bathroom (if she goes there alone and her morning was pleasant)
– new outfits when Jenn goes to work
– now after work, Jenn can go to the bathhouse and have fun with one of the clients




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