Family Fun – Version 0.6 Beta – Update

Family Fun

Family Fun

You are a schoolboy who lives at home with his parents and two sisters. After your first day at school,
you notice drastic changes in your behaviour and that of those around you.
Are these just natural events or does something else cause these
changes in your environment? It is up to you to find out.​

Family Fun Family Fun
Family Fun

Update: 10 May, 2020
Genre: Rpg, Male Protagonist, Animation, Family Sex, Incest, Brother-Sister, Mom-Son, Sexy Girls, Milf, Big Dick, Handjob, Blowjob, Hardcore Sex, Voyeur, School, Masturbation, Sexy Lingerie, Doggystyle, Wet Pussy, Deepthroat, Lesbian, Public Sex, Threesome, Cumshot, Facial, Bob the Creator
Language: English
Size: 427 Mb – Pc Version
Size: 371 Mb – Android Version
Size: 103 Mb – CG Images
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Family Fun
Family Fun

Family Fun Changelog:

v0.6 BETA
If you don’t do your homework and go to school, you will be put into detention.
you and a new character can be punished by the teacher. There are 4 different tiers of punishment events for each character (8 in total). You will be able to help the new character for a reward of your choice. Diffirent tiers will be added here aswell as now there is only the 1st tier available.
Sophie will watch tv at night. If your character pays attention, you will have the option to buy a ski mask on your computer to then “suprise” her the next time.
Some minor changes.

Events will occur at random. That means if an event shares it’s spot with another, one will be picked at random.
-help her do the dishes
-check her out at the window in the 2nd floor
-you can grab her ass while she goes to her class
-play console with her (no real content though)
-observe her doing yoga
-she might drag you into her room, be careful
-enjoy breakfast with her and listen to some stories
-check out what she does with Sophie
-you can help the girl at school
Minor things:
-I changed the the music, I think it’s now more subtle
-the minigame is a bit different; the patterns are not random anymore, so if you fail you can try to memorize the pattern
-I removed most quests for now; I will reintroduce quests for important story advancing events later


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